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The club runs on an informal basis, and encourages everyone to help each other on the loch or with any boating matters which may arise.


We run various activities throughout the season and we encourage our members to take an active role within the club.


The club was set up in 1984 for several reasons, the main being to improve and promote safety on the water, and to educate our members and the public regarding many aspects of boating etiquette.These reasons still stand today.


The committee looks forward to welcoming new and past members and appreciates input from any member which would improve the club.


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Upcoming Events

Plans are also underway to hold a number of events in the 2015 season. These include a Family Day / Car Boot Sale towards the end of May, the Annual Fishing Competition in June and a Boat Muster to Ardentinny also in June.

Check back here for further details.



Always Lock the Gate Immediately After Entry and Exit


New Lock on Boat Park Gate

The lock to the Boat Park gate was changed during the Easter Weekend.  Members should have received their new key with their membership card following renewal.

Please put your old key in the box provided at the container as the old lock and keys can be sold on.

Please remember to carry your membership card when you use the boat park. For security reasons you may be asked to show it. 



Season 2015 Underway


Get your photographs from the 2015 season onto the website and share your fun with your fellow members.


2015 Season




For Sale/Wanted

Items For Sale & Wanted

Members who intend to sell boats which are stored in the boat park click here  for important information.



(Updated 13th May 2015) 


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