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The club runs on an informal basis, and encourages everyone to help each other on the loch or with any boating matters which may arise.


We run various activities throughout the season and we encourage our members to take an active role within the club.



 The club was set up in 1984 for several reasons, the main being to improve and promote safety on the water, and to educate our members and the public regarding many aspects of boating etiquette.These reasons still stand today.


The committee looks forward to welcoming new and past members and appreciates input from any member which would improve the club.


Jim Peddie





Important Messages for all Members


Restricted Area for Moorings


Members are reminded that the club rules state that moorings should not be laid within 200 yards of the top of the slipway.  


This is to ensure members are able to launch and retrieve their vessels as easily as possible.


The following image shows the restricted area.




It is requested that any member who has a mooring in the restricted area arranges for it to be moved prior to the next season.


Use of the boat park


Club rule 1.12 states "Vessels in the boat park must not be used for residential purposes".


The club committee want to emphasise how important this rule is. Vessels must not be used for overnight accommodation whilst in the boatyard or on the pontoon.


Owners who wish to stay on-board overnight must tie up to a mooring buoy.


There are also no circumstances where it is acceptable to stay overnight in the boatyard unless part of the security or boatyard team. 


It is, however, accepted that vehicles can be parked in the boatyard overnight whilst vessel owners and crew are out on the water.


Please ensure you are familiar with all the club rules


The Club Committee








Flood Barrier

The flood barrier at the top of the slipway has been put in place for the winter. Any member using the slipway will need to remove the barrier prior to using the slipway and replace it when finished.



Over a short period 5 (five) hoses have "disappeared" from the washbay.

From now on, if you wish to use the washbay please bring your own hose and fittings.

This is clearly not an ideal situation, but rather than continually "losing" club assets, it is thought to be the best solution.


2015 Raft Race Results.

A great turnout of seven rafts took part in the 2015 raft race. The wind and rain decided to join in the fun just as the race started, adding to the effort needed to cross the Loch from Corrow to the village. Well done to all participants and especially to the prize winners.

1st place - "The Ark Goil" skippered by Stewart Findlay

Best raft - "Red October" captained by Chloe Christie

Wooden spoon - "HMS Bedrock" skippered by Fred Flintstone Dougie Ross


        Ark Goil                              Best raft                        Wooden Spoon           

More photographs from the event will appear in the gallery soon, so check back. 



2015 Fishing Competition Results.

Adult Section:

  1. John Robertson Jnr
  2. John Robertson Snr
  3. Alice Holmes

Junior Section:

  1. Josh Byrne
John Robertson Jnr   John Robertson Snr         Alice Holmes              Josh Byrne


More photographs are available in the gallery and you can view The Wee Goil coverage here.





Always Lock the Gate Immediately After Entry and Exit


New Lock on Boat Park Gate

The lock to the Boat Park gate was changed during the Easter Weekend. Members should have received their new key with their membership card following renewal.


Please put your old key in the box provided at the container as the old lock and keys can be sold on.


Please remember to carry your membership card when you use the boat park. For security reasons you may be asked to show it.


For Sale/Wanted

Items For Sale & Wanted

Members who intend to sell boats which are stored in the boat park click here  for important information.


(Updated 10th November 2015) 


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